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Even, our dogs and I live in a small village called Nordkisa. It’s located 15 minutes East of Oslo Airport Gardermoen. We have the woods right next to our home. We are originally from Volda a little place on the West coast of Norway. We moved from Volda in 2004 and have lived here since.

We got our first Tibetan terrier in 1997. We have a small breeding of Tibetan terrier. Our first litter was born in 2002. We don't have many litters a year, since 2002 we have had only four litters. Our dogs are eye examined without any marks and we have had their hips x-rayed with excellent - A or B. The dogs that we are using for our breeding shall be of good type, have a good health and have an excellent temperament.

The puppies are “kitchen raised”. The first three weeks they stay in our bedroom, beside our bed.  After three to four weeks are the puppies ready to move from the bedroom to the kitchen. Our kitchen is in the middle of the house so they experience everything that happened in a home. We also spend a lot of time to socialize them like; car driving, meeting other breeds, other garden, other families, children and so on. We do our outmost to prepared the puppies for their new lives when they leave their mother and us after 8 weeks. It's always nice to hear from the new owner and I gladly give advice when needed.


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