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15/6-02 Norsk Tibetansk Terrier Klubb Dogshow Gol

In our special dogshow we have a class called "trim". Abso Seng Kye's Ja-Haz Lhazhal became BOB. Judge vas Phillipa Gilbert.


Impa and Ellen-Grethe on left Ja-Haz and me on the right side

28/4-02 Sunndal HK Dogshow Sunndalsøra

Judge: Marianne Fürst Danielson, S

Nuch Izakhan's Nyima Best female and BOB,  4 BIG. 


27/4-02 Førde HK Dogshow Førde

Judge Lisbeth Campbell, N.
Izakhan's Nyima best female with CAC and BOS.  Nyima became Norwegian champion today


 17/3-02 NKK International Dogshow  Bergen

Judge: Dan Ericsson, S

Izakhans's Nyima best female with CAC and BOB. 


24/2-02 NKK International Dogshow  Bø I Telemark

Judge of the day was Michael Forte

Izakhan's Nyima 2 winner and 4 best female with CK.

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