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Abso Seng Kye'sJa-Haz LhaZhal


Owner Siri Wangen  
Breeder: Gerd Smedstad


Date of birth: 23.06.1997
Sire: N S uch Thu-Sang's Important Ivan Ivanowitch
Dam: N S Abso Seng Kye's F-Na-Ra
Hips: A
Ja-Haz is our first Tibetan Terrier. When Bastian (a sadly missed weaten terrier who used to be a part of our family) had been with us about a year we decided to get another dog. The choice fell on Tibetan Terrier and some friends told us about Lis Kove. As it turned out Na-Ra was expecting puppies that spring. When the puppies were around three weeks old I started visiting them every week until it was time to take Ja-Haz home.  Now Ja-Haz is seven years old but still a puppy in his head. He has a great time playing with Nyima and A-Zal and maybe he finally has found a "partner in crime". Ja-Haz and I have recently started training obedience, and he loves it.


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