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26/9-09 A lovley day in September. 
26/9-09 En fin dag i September.
13/9-09 Salsa and Jippi playing in the garden. 
13/9-09 Salsa og Jippi leker i hagen.

11/8-09 Salsa and Jippi playing in the garden. 
11/8-09 Salsa og Jippi leker i hagen.
Pictures from a trip i July. Siv, the dogs and I vent to a beaver dam, but we didnt't see any beavers. Well some pictures of the dogs.
Fra en tur i juli. Siv, hundene og jeg gikk tur til beverdammen. Vi så ikke noen bever men her er noen bilder av hundene.

Some pictures from a nice trip in August. The dogs just love to run on the wheat field. 
Noen biler fra en hærlig dag i August. En av favoritt plassen til hundene, åkeren.

29/3-2009 Today we vent for a walk early in the morning. We meet a fox; luckily the dogs didn’t see it. Some pictrues from the trip in the woods.

25/3-2009 Some pictures of Ja-Haz, Nyima and Salsa. A-Zal were home with the puppies :-) 
15/2-2009 Salsa just love the snow. Some pictures of here in action. She also invited Ja-Haz to play with here J
Salsa playing with Ja-Haz :-)
11/2-09 Salsa is playing in the snow with a ball. Salsa love all the snow and to be outside. Yesterday it was 15 degrees below zero.

23-25/1-09 This weekend we went to Volda to visit my sister Linn and here family. We had a lovely weekend with many nice trips with all the dogs. Some pictures from the weekend.





18/1-09 Salsa playing in the snow

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