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Today Gry Eli, Sander and Atlas – Lhazhal`s Dga-Ba Ath-Lhaz come to visit us. Atlas and Salsa were playing and had a lot of fun. Thank you for a really nice day.
Some pictures from the first snowfall. This was the first time Salsa experience
snow. The dogs had a lot of fun.

Today we started the day with a nice trip in the woods. Then we went to Hønefoss to visit Inger and Jan Erik. We went to Hønefoss og omegn Hundeklubb to train our dogs. The puppies that were there were playing and had a lot of fun. Thank you for a really nice Saturday :-)

Today Even, all the dogs and I went into the woods to gather mountain cranberry. Usually I have my camera with me but not today. Suddenly Even thought that he heard something. I put the dog in leash turn around and there were two big moose. Well some pictures from another day.

Some pictures from a trip yesterday.

Today we have visit Inger, Jan Erik and the dogs. Some pictures from the walk.
Some pictures from last week when we had visit from my sister Linn. Salsa and Zuki, the Bernese Mountain dog is the same age.

and Salsa had to try here new life jacket

Salsa relaxing in the hammock

Today Anni and Doffen come for a visit. Doffen and Salsa had a lot of fun. They were running around and playing. Some pictures of them.

Today we visit Miro who lives with Kari, David and family. We had a really nice afternoon. Some pictures of Miro and Salsa. 

Some pictures of the dogs from the last weeks.  

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