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Lhazhal`s Cun-Wa Nying-Du
Lhazhal`s Bentley

Lhazhal`s Cimba
Lhazhal`s Cun-Wa Sdug-Pa

Lhazhal`s Colin Cun-Wa Namba

Lhazhal`s Btsanop Nago Byis-Pa

Lhazhal`s Bzanba Byis-Pa
Lhazhal`s Cun-Wa Nying-Du

Lhazhal`s Cimba

Lhazhal`s Cespa Rgyal Bu
A day in December when it was nice and cold and the dogs where loving the snow

Another nice day in September. The dogs were playing and had a lot of fun.



A nice day in September  

Some pictures of Lhazhal's Btsanop Nago Byis-Pa 

Lhazhal's Bentley

Bentley and Siggi playing.

Lhazhal's Sis Ampo


Lhazhal's Sis Amdan "Mocca" with his family.
Mocca sammen med familien sin.

From a nice trip 15/9-04 in the woods of Hvam





Nyima When she became 2. Best in Show



Oops! Caught again.


Ja-Haz in a practical "snow-suite"



A "hot dog" please!

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