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Nord, Such, Dkuch Nuch LhaZhal's Btsanop Gyad


Owner/Breeder: Siri Wangen


Date of birth: 16.06.2005
Sire: DK CH O'Sherab von Jilong
Dam: NUCH Izakhan's Nyima
Hips:  A
DNA CCL: Carrier/Bærer
DNA PLL: Free/Fri

Doffen lives with my good friend Anni Alfheim and family. Doffen got his firs CAC only nine months old. Doffen became BEST IN SHOW at Tibethund 2011.


Most Winning Tibetan Terrier 2010
Most Winning Tibetan Terrier 2008




Doffen 6 1/2 month


  Doffen 3 1/2 month

Doffen 14 September 2005

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