Lhazhal's C-Litter
Litter born 3/12-2005
Sire: Dam:


GB Ch, Such, Nuch Kyang's Pa-Tin To Alilah NUCH Lhazhal's Sis A-Zal
Da er valpene fødd. De kom 3/12-05. Det ble hele 8 stykker. 5 hannhunder og 3 tisper i forskjellige fargekombinasjoner. A-Zal og valpene har det bare bra.

Now the puppies are born. 5 male and 3 female. Both mother and puppy are fine.

Nå har vi vært i Sverige og parret A-Zal med Kyang. Valpene er ventet i uke 49 Nå har A-Zal fått en søt liten mage :o)

Now A-Zal have got a cute little tummy :o)

Kyang and A-Zal are HD excellent and eye-examined without any marks. Both the parents have a wonderful temper and are very good representative for the breed.


Now the puppies are 8 weeks and here they are with their new families.


Bård Storhaug and Lhazhal`s Cespa Grogs

Kine Nordaune Johnsen and Lhazhal`s Cimba


Desiree Lorentsen and Lhazhal`s Chemcem Mo

Bjørnhild and Kurth Hansen with Lhazhal`s Cespa Rgyal Bu


Kristin Gran and Lhazhal`s Cun-Wa Nying-Du


Anne-Lene Hansen and Lhazhal`s Cun-Wa Sdug-Pa


Monica Ludvigsen and Lhazhal`s Cunu Cara



The puppies are now 7 weeks old.

The puppies are now 6 weeks old.
The puppies are now 5 weeks. They are playing and have a lot of fun.
Now the puppies are 4 weeks old.
                 male                                                      male
          male                             male                       male                                               female                    female            female


Now the puppies are three weeks. They have started to play a little bit and have had their first meal.


Now the puppies are two weeks and they have opened their eyes.


 A-Zal and here puppies. The puppies are now 1 week old.

Now the puppies are 5 days old.




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